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Yet another claims community. For addicts, its another addiction, for non-addicts, what a great way to start!

Rules! Please Read Before Joining!

+ Limit of two (2) claims per user. I find out that you created another username just to claim stuff, you're out and your claims are up for grabs.

+ Please specify what category to which your claim belongs when claiming.

+ Only one user/claim. No sharing claims. Had problems with this in the past, so I'll no longer allow them. Current shares are still valid, but any further shares will not be allowed. No fighting, flaming, bitching, et cetera. Fight once, you're out, the rules are your first and only warning.

+ Moderator gets five (5) claims, tomrwsantherday.

+ You can change your claims ONCE. Post in the journal to notify me of the change. Once the claims are changed on the list, there is no going back, and your previous claims will be up for grabs.

+ "Classics" are defined as follows: music (songs/artists); movies; actors/actresses; pop culture icons (people, cars, advertisements and the like); books/comics; but all must exist before 1970. In the case of people, these people must have been famous (newsworthy) before 1970. If they were born in the 60s, and were only only 8 in 1970, they don't count. If you're unsure about something, ask. I'll answer as soon as possible.

+ If something occurs in both literature and film (or any combination), one person can claim the literature, and another can claim the film.

+ Likewise, if someone claims a movie/book/etc, you can claim characters from that movie/book/etc. And if someone claims an actor/actress, you can still claim any character they have played.

+ Whenever possible, when claiming books, movies, comics etc, please include the year it was made/published.

+ The claims list will be updated every other week(I hope), but always check both the list and the most recent entries to avoid overlaps.

+ These rules are very important. To ensure that you've read them, please place the phrase "nothing like a classic" in the subject line of your claim posts.

+ I can't stress enough that this is just for fun. By posting claims here, you have no real claim over any person, place, thing, event, other noun/verb/adjective/part of speech that you claim here.

+ I'm sure other stuff will come up, and the rules will be adjusted to meet those needs.

+ All warnings are included in this post. Patience with those who don't read the rules is nearly non-existant. If you do not check the claims list and the most recent posts before posting your own claim, your post will be deleted, and the claim not honoured, with no comment. A second incorrect claim post will result in being banned from the community. If you have a question, just ask. As long as you've checked the most recent claims list, I will be willing to double-check the availablity of a claim for you.

+ Go nuts! ^_^

+ Also, visit our sister community vintage_claims!